Dedicated to Alya, who never share



Don’t share anything more. Let me guess, what would you like to have for breakfast? Don’t want to scroll your wall and see tagliatella with asparagus and lots of likes and hearts around. I’m ready to wake up 2 hours earlier, run to the supermarket and brainstorm in front of giant fridges – what would you like for breakfast? After, I want to look into your eyes and be happy, when I’ll get – “I did it!”


Don’t share anything. Want to feel that again: when I was coming to your place, having no idea, what would meet me there. New music was your undivided part. You were writing it down to CDs, and music met me.


Don’t share anything more, wait and let me come and see it.

Keep something.

Keep something for us.

Don’t tell us who you fuck now. Leave us with something to imagine.


Don’t tell anybody where you are, why you are. I miss to think about you. Don’t tell anybody, where you are going to go, let me be glad, meeting with you.


I don’t see anything suddenly, Suddenly I don’t become angry. Everybody’s planning around everything. I’m becoming a part of somebody’s plans.


I hide some stuff. Not sending even you. I want you come to my room and my real walls surprise you. I printed this photograph yesterday – 2 X 3 meters and hung it on the wall, waiting for your visit. I try to keep some things that you loved and show them to you for real.


I never show that, what’s mine. What makes me sad, what makes me horny. I want you to find them, while surfing in my hard drives and make you happy or sad.

 I want my mac like it was before: for writing texts and keep photographs. We never watch movies at home.