He’s my twin bro. We were born one and the same year,  month and day. we look like each other. we were playing one and the same basketball team, then for the national team. both we are gangsters, but i am a photo gangster and he is real gangster. We are always in business and he is often in the hospital. I love him because he is my twin and we are like each other. We are not artificial, we are both real.

He must be born somewhere in Sicily or in Chicago in 30-s.

of course he is not my real twin but he is! :))))

Once I was having my lunch in the cafe and suddenly i hear tv anchors voice: “Gangland-style bloody shootout in Old Tbilisi District: Two young men have been fired in the car by unidentified criminals…”

everybody in the cafe looked at the screen and i heard their replics:

– Oh what a boy!

– He looks like Jud Law!

– So sexy! So Masculine!

and I looked at Tv and i see Bakar in hospital with a droper in his vein. and he was speaking,

“I don’t know what they wanted… I think it was a mistake…”

it’s my bro Baccarat

and i went to see him.