we are from another galaxy. from somewhere near orion. we are illuminates. we bring light to people. at first we were one and now are many and everything’s in our silver lightning. we light up Kus Tba forest and we don’t worry if 3 tigers escaped from the zoo. koz we’re illuminates, children of the frozen light. we eat neon and drink liquid neon. anabechdi was our home. now we have an ambassador of illuminates in NYC.  little craw stole a illuminated caw.

dedicated to the queen of illuminates –  Nino Daraseli.

Idea – Temo KOhi Machavariani

Photo – Duke Alexander Bagration-Davidoff

Generators – Archil and Grandfather

Car – Salome Kikaleishvili

Milka’s ex Master – Gacha Hemmeh Bakradze

Muscles – Temur Kakha Dolidze

Media Support – Rustavi 2, We Are Sweet, Bina studio, Bagrationi’s Blog, Facebook