so, i am back… after 2 or 2,5 monthes from the last post on my blog. miss it. i had a huge euro trip. germany-holland-belgium-france-holland-turkye-kazbegi. i will begin my photo epos from amsterdam. J’aimesterdam… hehehehe… this city is already in me. roken is dodelik and i am not a smoker. and i felt amster. not like a tourist, not like a red light district visitor or marijuana fan from coffeeshops.  i feel like i was born near amstel river and grown up near the tight channels. hieren gracht, princen gracht, keisersgracht and singel centruuuum! you see, i remember all of them. oh, and Gabriel! he has water pussy! realy! his boat is lovely like a pussy and it’s always in the gracht or in the river. and michiel has his own church! where everybody can enter and smoke till death. roken is dodelik but it takes to heaven 🙂 and i see every night amsterdam in my dreams. were we walk with fiets. me and my best friend ouh and today i have bought a gift for her. near the spring in mleta. mleta is a village on the way to or from kazbegi. olxa love kazbegi. gezelig! i know lots of dutch words.  do you know what does it mean: “fiets! fiets! Ik wil mijn fiets te rijden! Ik wil mijn fiets te rijden! ” legendary words from the song of the “queen” – Bicycle! bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle!… when i came back in tbilisi and next mornin woke up at home i did not get where i was. i thought i’d get drunked somewhere and fell in a sleep. then i saw marcus miller’s poster on the wall and i thought that somebody in amsterdam had a copy of a poster what i have. wohow.. and than my granny called me … shit.. i am in tbs… i’d drunk a lot in a plane

turk hava yolari rocks!

i will begin my story by pix from barmen fest in the cafe “canvas” – amsterdam.

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